Louise O’Connell

Hello Nicky,

I wanted to let you know how thrilled we were with the catering for our birthday celebration. The food was divine and we had many many comments from our guests about how much they enjoyed it. Georgia and Emily were brilliant. They may have told you we had a little issue with the oven deciding not to heat properly but they reported it to me calmly and professionally (and discretely) with a ‘plan B’ already in place. Fortunately the oven decided to behave although it presented a challenge for the girls to continually monitor the heat while I was able to continue on with our guests and no one was any the wiser. A huge part of the successful night was your wonderful food and the professionalism of the girls, cleaning and clearing as they went. Thank you also for your guidance and advice in deciding the menu and the little tips about timing on the night. It made all the difference to have your own staff present and serve the food and I would recommend that to anyone else if you want a stress free  event.

Thanks again Nicky,

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