Service style

Events service option suggestions:

Please find below some suggested serving options to ensure your menu is presented to your guests in a way that best suits your style, & your event.

Shared platter:

A new twist on the buffet theme, shared platters mean that is each table is served platters of food from which guests help themselves.  This gives guests the best of both options; an interesting selection like a buffet, but without the queuing or mess!  Sometimes referred to as “French Platter style”.

fillet steak a a potato gallette plated wedding catering
Pre-ordered plated menu:

Your guests choose their preferred meal from a menu you provide when you send out their invitation.  Typically, there is a choice of  entrees, mains and desserts. This type of service means everyone gets exactly what they want!

plated entree alternate drop chicken satay
Alternate drop menu:

Choose two main options & we serve them to your guests in an alternating pattern.  We can do this in two ways – with a full plated meal, or with just the meats and have vegetables and/or salads on the tables to share.

Canapés and Walk & Fork:

This style means that guests don’t necessarily have to sit at a formal table for their meal but are served delicious stylish morsels by circulating wait staff. This is a lovely relaxed way to entertain your guests, and can be tailored to suit any occasion from birthday celebrations, to corporate events or elegant weddings.

Serviced buffet:

Your guests are individually served by our polite attentive waitstaff from the buffet table.

Wooden table laden with small bowls and boxes of tacos, meats and salads
Street food:

Treat your guests to some fresh flavours with our international Street Food options. With six styles on the menu, you can also set this up as a Food Station selection if you prefer, to give people a little taste of a lot of flavours!