Main course menu


Grouper fillet on a bed of salmon savoy cabbage with horseradish cream sauce gf

Chicken breast filled with sautéed mushrooms & French tarragon & served with a white wine cream sauce gf

Fillet of beef poached in shiraz with star anise & fresh herbs gf

Seared & oven baked salmon, served with champagne & green peppercorn sauce gf

Moroccan chicken tagine with olives & carrots gf

Chicken roulades – chicken breast stuffed with cranberry wrapped in streaky bacon gf


Lamb Romagna – slow roasted with tomatoes, red wine & olives gf

Venison, marinated with juniper berries, seared & served with a tomato, cabernet & prune sauce gf

Pan-fried lamb fillet with garlic & lemon jus gf

Braised pork tenderloin stacked with caramelised onions & apples gf

Confit of salmon with vanilla oil & baby peas & fresh basil gf

Blue cod with Sauvignon blanc & lemon, baked in individual parcels gf

Spiced chicken breast
Beef wellington with jus
Grouper fillet on savoy cabbage
Vegetarian asparagus risotto

New potatoes with sage brown butter v|gf

Potatoes roasted with rosemary, rock salt & sauvignon blanc v|gf

Julienned carrots with maple glaze v|gf

Warm green bean salad with balsamic v|gf

Marrakesh medley of vegetables tagine v|gf


Crepes filled with creamy feta and seasonal vegetables v

Portobello mushroom & haloumi cheese stack with fresh thyme v|gf

Risotto & vegetable timbale with fresh parmesan v|gf

Pesto potato salad
Classic green salad
Roasted vegetable salad
Pasta and green salads

Cucumber & tomato served on a bed of mesclun with cumin, garlic & olive oil v|gf

Chickpea & pumpkin salad with feta, mint & sundried tomato dressing v|gf

Gourmet green salad with cucumber & fresh herbs v|gf

Moroccan fava beans with charmoula v|gf

Moroccan red beetroot salad v|gf

Couscous with raisins & almonds  v

Mesclun salad with fresh herbs & cucumber v|gf

Potato salad with pesto-mayo dressing, sundried tomatoes & pine nuts v|gf

Roasted new potato, red onion and caper salad v|gf

Roasted Mediterranean vegetable salad with balsamic dressing, olives & tomatoes on rocket v|gf


Jade udon noodle salad with coconut cream & broccoli v|gf

Summer orzo salad with fresh basil & cherry tomatoes v

Asparagus & red pepper penne salad v|gf

Asparagus & cucumber salad with chilli v|gf

Brown rice salad with fresh mint, parsley, lemon & cucumber v|gf

Baby beet, feta & cannellini bean salad v|gf

French bean salad with balsamic dressing v|gf

Sicilian cauliflower salad with olives & parsley v|gf

Orzo salad with spice roasted carrots, currants & pine-nuts v

Roasted cauliflower salad with caper crumbs v|gf

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