About us

At Verve Real Food Catering we’re passionate about providing real food with exceptional service.

We love being in the kitchen, cooking and creating with an amazing team who fill the day with fun, positive energy and lots of laughter. It’s true to say that as well as fresh, local ingredients your food is guaranteed to be cooked with plenty of nutritious fun, goodness and vitality!

Ethical, sustainable, local and supportive of Fair Trade

As a local Christchurch business, we choose to use other nearby businesses as our suppliers, using seasonal, local produce, meats and cheeses whenever possible.

We also choose to operate in an ethical and sustainable way, and have implemented a Waste Reduction Policy [pdf] to help guide our sustainable practices. We use biodegradable and reuse-able packaging where possible; recycle whatever we can and our food waste is composted or goes to the neighbours lovely piggies.

We appreciate the friendly, helpful butchers at Peter Timbs Meats who consistently provide us with quality service and quality cuts, and our eggs are laid by the happiest free range hens!

3 waitstaff serving shared platter mains Hemsworth estate
shared platter of pork with crackling

A little of our history

Originally Verve Real Food Catering operated out of our Victoria Square inner city café. We served our customers a range of delicious food and beverages, as well as running a mobile food service for CBD office workers. Like so many other businesses in Christchurch’s centre post-quake, our business was caught up in the Red Zone and we had to re-gather, re-group and relocate.

For a hectic few post-quake weeks we were kept busy with volunteer work, creating meals for the fantastic Farmy Army during their cleanup and food distribution efforts.  Nicky was able to put her management background and catering skills to good use as manager of the relief kitchen established at the Canterbury A & P show grounds. During this crazy time we were also doing our best to find suitable new premises. Fortunately for us one of our favourite wedding venues, Omarino Wine Park, was able to offer us some space on their property where we were able to operate our fully-mobile kitchen. Our home base is now in Yaldhurst, where we hang out with our sister company Spitroast.com Canterbury on a lovely 5 acres of gardens and orchards.

Why choose us?

Our unique business model minimises many of the expenses incurred by traditionally structured catering companies. This reduction in our overheads means we are able to offer you a higher quality product at a more cost effective price. We will take the time to listen to your needs, then work with you to create a catering solution that will exceed your expectations.


If you’d like to know more about us, or want to find how we can help with your catering for any occasion, please send us an email, or call us on 03 374 6662 or 021 709 220.

We look forward to being of service!

Nicky and Steve Geddes, and
The Verve Real Food Catering Team