The Moroccan Feast (menu suggestion)



kadin budu – little twice cooked beef & rice balls df|gf
tiropita – filo filled with feta, potato & mint v
hummus & dukkah topped pita toasts v|df


on tables, to start

Turkish bread, dukkah, olive oil


platters to table

mixed vegetable tagine v|gf|df
chicken with carrots, green olives, preserved lemons & cinnamon gf|df
lamb Marrakech – cinnamon, ginger, raisins, sherry gf|df
Moroccan carrot & chickpea salad v|gf|df
cous cous with almonds & raisins v OR wild rice v|gf|df
cucumber & tomato, mesclun with cumin, garlic & olive oil v|gf|df


plated, alternate drop to each guest (choose 2)

baklava with oranges and a cream quenelle
saffron & cardamom pannacotta with fresh raspberries  gf
date cream filled meringue stacks with fresh orange salad v|gf

priced for a minimum of 50 guests

includes GST, canapé napkins, serving ware, dining ware
excludes waitstaff, bar staff, additional equipment, travel,
final quote available on completion of all catering decisions