A Verve Street Food Feast ticks all the boxes – it’s fun to eat, tastes great and is made fresh for your guests.

Served in two different ways

  1. From our festival marquee : we put the marquee up the day before, and decorate with festoon lights, a rustic table and a blackboard menu with your chosen feast – supply and set up cost $350
  2. You supply the shelter (inside your venue; verandah; covered deck; open garage etc) and we bring the rustic table, festoon lights and blackboard menu with your chosen feast – supply and set up cost $150

The first item under each heading is served on an individual disposable (sustainable bamboo of course!) platter for each guest to snack from.  Served immediately before dinner, or as the post ceremony / pre dinner food with drinks.

The next items act as the main meal, and are served on either disposable (as above) or reusable handheld bowls, with eating utensils and napkins included in the price.

Mediterranean taste  $38pp
Mini individual mezze platter – tzatziki, flatbread, olives, roasted chickpeas
Kleftiko – lamb with feta & lemon gf
Chicken with roasted lemon and spices gf
Yemista – stuffed capsicum vg v gf
Served with a Meyer lemon potato salad and Greek salad our way 

 Middle Eastern: $38pp
Mezze individual platter hummus, labneh, pita bread, olives
Arabian spiced lamb Shawarmas
Arabian spiced chicken Shawarmas
Arabian spiced roasted vegetable Shawarmas
Served with a side of tabbouleh, tomato and cucumber salad

 Asian inspired  $41pp
Sticky pork belly Bao buns
Chicken satay skewers
Beef rendang curry
Sesame seared tofu with satay
Served with rice, samba and toasted coconut

 French chic $41pp
Individual charcuterie and fromage platter – pate, breads, brie, hams, fruit paste
Classic cassoulet – beans, pork, sausage gf
Coq au vin – chicken, mushrooms, herbs gf
Mushroom Bourguignon vg gf
Served with garlic mash and green beans

 Mexican inspired $39pp
Individual trays of dips and corn chips – chilli bean, guacamole, chilli con queso
Yucatan fish tacos, with pickled cabbage, chilli and avocado cream
Pulled pork taco, tomato salsa, chipotle sauce
Buffalo cauliflower taco, corn and avocado
Served with a side of spiced rice and a dressed Fiesta salad

 Texan tribute $41pp
Platter of crab cakes, brisket topped toasts and shrimp with garlic sauce
Prime rib grilled steak sandwich
Cuban hot dog with pineapple, red onion, jalapenos and Cholula sauce
BBQ chicken pieces with white barbeque sauce gf
 Roadhouse salad v vg
Served with sweet potato, sour cream, spring onion and bacon gf


Priced for a minimum of 50 guests
Includes staffing, GST, canapé napkins, serving ware
Excludes additional equipment if required, and travel
Final quote available on completion of all catering decisions by the client