Shared Platter or Buffet Mains


Shared Platter

Each table is served platters of food shared amongst those seated at that table, and from which guests help themselves.

Our shared platter mains are served with a minimum of 3 meats and 3 vegetables and/or salads


Your guests are served from a buffet on which your menu choices are displayed in heated chaffing dishes or bowls / platters as appropriate.

Our buffet mains are served with a minimum of 3 meats and 3 vegetables and/or salads

Choose 3 meats from selection one: $34.50pp
Choose 3 meats from selection two: $42pp
Choose 3 meats from selection three: $57pp

Or mix and match meats from each selection to make your perfect meal, within your budget.

All prices include your 3 chosen sides (vegetables or salads), cutlery, crockery & serve ware, GST and are priced for a minimum of 50 guests

SELECTION ONE, $11:50 per choice

Baked chicken with thyme & sage butter gf
Chicken thighs baked with capsicum, red onion, olives, capers & a balsamic reduction gf
Moroccan chicken tagine, with carrots & green olives gf
Basque chicken – chicken with tomato, smoked ham & paprika gf
Corner shop Lamb curry, with roasted spices curry leaves, ginger and coconut gf
Marrakech Beef with prunes & chickpeas gf
Slow cooked beef cheeks with tomatoes, red wine & thyme gf
Ham on the bone, baked & glazed gf
Pull-apart pork roasted with herbs, cider & caramelised apples gf

SELECTION TWO, $14 per choice

Roast Porterhouse with smoked tomato gf
Chicken roulades – breasts stuffed with pesto crumbs, wrapped in streaky bacon, served with sauce Verde gf
Roast Beef ribeye, sliced, served with horseradish cream gf
Leg of Lamb slow roasted with tomatoes, merlot, garlic & parsley gf
Shoulder of lamb cooked with red wine, mint, lemons & cinnamon, finished with feta & cherry tomatoes gf
Chicken stuffed with Camembert and served with a warm plum sauce gf
Chicken breasts stuffed with ham, thyme & gruyere gf
Roasted pork belly with pan gravy and crackling gf
Pomegranate & balsamic pork with cinnamon braised baby onions gf

SELECTION THREE, $19 per choice

Stuffed Lamb rump with apple mint served, green pea emulsion
Fillet of beef poached in Shiraz with fresh herbs & star anise gf
Grouper fillet on a bed of savoy cabbage with a horseradish cream sauce gf
Venison, marinated with juniper berries, seared & served with a tomato, cabernet & prune sauce gf
Seared and baked salmon fillet served with your choice of:
champagne & green peppercorn cream sauce | balsamic slow roasted tomatoes avocado, tomato & red onion salsa



Subject to seasonal availability

Mesclun salad with fresh herbs & cucumber, red onion, endive, pickled cabbage v vg gf
Potato salad with pesto-mayo dressing, sundried tomatoes & pine nuts v gf
Roasted new potato, red onion and caper salad, red wine vinaigrette v vg gf
Roasted Mediterranean vegetable salad with balsamic dressing, olives & fresh tomatoes on rocket v vg gf
Roquette, pear, dried cranberry salad v vg gf
Jade udon noodle salad with coconut cream, broccoli & crispy onion
Summer orzo salad with fresh basil & cherry tomatoes v
Asparagus & red pepper penne salad v vg
Asparagus & cucumber salad with chilli gf v vg gf
Brown rice salad with miso, parsley, lemon & cucumber v vg gf
Beetroot & cannellini bean with feta v gf
French bean salad with heirloom tomato, balsamic dressing v vg gf
Peas’n’carrots with minted creme fraiche dressing v gf
Chickpea & pumpkin salad with feta, mint & sundried tomato dressing v gf
Sicilian cauliflower salad with olives & parsley v vg gf
Orzo salad with spice roasted carrots, currants & pinenuts v vg
Roasted cauliflower salad with caper crumbs v vg gf

Please see the salads link on the previous page for more options


Roasted market carrots with rock salt & Sauvignon blanc v vg gf
Green beans with citrus butter v gf
Steamed rice with fresh lemon & coriander v vg gf
New potatoes with sage infused brown butter v gf
New potatoes with pink salt & fresh mint butter v gf
Potato dauphinoise v gf (add $2pp)
Mixed roast vegetable salad with baby spinach & balsamic dressing v vg gf

Priced for a minimum of 50 guests
Includes GST, serve ware, cutlery & crockery
Excludes staffing, additional equipment, travel
Final quote available on completion of all catering decisions by the client